Pesticide Training

The Upper Elkhorn Natural Resources District strives for pesticide safety. Training of pesticide applicators is beneficial to support residents who use certain pesticides or who make specific types of pesticide applications to make sure they have the fundamental knowledge of how to do so safely while protecting our groundwater.

Through the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, they provide educational and training programs that concentrate on one's health, the environment, economic well-being, and pesticide safety. For a resident of Nebraska to obtain a new commercial or non-commercial pesticide applicator license, a person needs to accomplish the following steps:

  • Pass a General Standards (core) exam (60 multiple questions, 70% passing).
  • Pass at least one category exam, tied to the sites or pests you will be controlling.
  • Complete a license request form.
  • Pay the appropriate license fee ($90 for a commercial license).

2017 Pesticide Applicator Training and Certification Information can be obtained at the following location: http://www.NDA.Nebraska.Gov/pesticide/applicator_testing.html.

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