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Chemigation is the utilization of any chemical, fertilizer or pesticide through an irrigation system. To legally chemigate in Nebraska, an operator must be certified to apply chemicals and acquire a chemigation permit (see form below) from the Upper Elkhorn Natural Resources District. The Chemigation Program and Nebraska's 23 Natural Resource Districts operate together to guarantee that chemigation applicators and irrigation systems comply with the terms of the Chemigation Act.

The goal of the Nebraska Chemigation Act is to protect the groundwater and surface waters from contamination of fertilizers or pesticides applied through an irrigation system. To accomplish this goal, the Act provided the legal requirements for the future use of chemigation as a means of nutrient or pesticide usage. The chemigation certification program is responsible for training Nebraska producers about the Nebraska Chemigation Act and the rules and regulations as stated by the NDEQ (Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality). Certification candidates are obliged to attend a training program and pass an exam.

The Act allowed the NDEQ to engage with the University of Nebraska - Lincoln to deliver the training program. The UENRD offers a link for this information since the training and certification are administered by the UNL Extension and the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.

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