New Groundwater Management Plan Rules & Regulations Effective May 1, 2017 - Full Version









ORDER ADOPTING CHANGES TO UENRD Ground Water RULES AND REGULATIONS to implement the UENRD Ground Water Management Plan.


On 27 day of March, 2017, the UENRD conducted a public hearing, following a public notice in accordance with state law, regarding proposed changes to these rules and regulations.  Those rules and regulations are described as:


6.           Other General changes were made for clarification.

The UENRD Board of Directors took comments from the following persons: No testimony was given.


On 27day of March, 2017 the UENRD Board of Directors held a public meeting following public notice in accordance with state law to consider adopting the proposed changes to its rules and regulations presented for consideration at the public hearing identified above.  After due consideration, proper motion to adopt and a second, the UENRD Board of Directors voted to adopt the proposed changes.  In accordance with the Nebraska Ground Water Management and Protection Act, it is hereby ORDERED and the proposed changes to the Rules and Regulations of the UENRD are adopted and fully incorporated therein, effective May 1, 2017.


A complete copy of the full text of the adopted UENRD Ground Water Rules and Regulations to implement the UENRD Ground Water Management Plan may be obtained upon request to the UENRD office located at 301 North Harrison Street, O’Neill, Nebraska 68763 or viewed on the UENRD website:





                             Gene Kelly                                                                                                           3-27-17                    

Signature of Upper Elkhorn NRD Chairman                                                       (Date)